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Al Zahrawi Medical – Abul Qasim Khalaf Al Zahrawi (936-1013 A.D) referred to in the west as Abulcasis was conceived in Zahra in the area of Cordova (Arabic Qurtuba). He got to be distinctly a standout amongst the most eminent specialists of his period and the Middle Ages. He is best known for his initial and unique leaps forward in surgery and for his renowned Medical Encyclopedia called Al-Tasrif, which is made out of thirty volumes covering diverse parts of restorative science.

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The more imperative piece of this arrangement contains three books on surgery, which portray in detail different parts of surgical treatment as in view of the operations performed by him, including burning, the expulsion of stone from the bladder, analyzation of creatures, maternity care, styptics, and surgery of eye, ear and throat. He consummated a few fragile operations, including the evacuation of the dead baby and removal. Al Zahrawi is considered as Father of Modern Surgery. Al Zahrawi Medical

Al Zahrawi MedicalBy the by, Al Zahrawi was the creator of a few surgical instruments, of which three are striking: (i) an instrument for inward examination of the ear, (ii) an instrument for inside review of the urethra, and (iii) and instrument for applying or expelling outside bodies from the throat. He represented considerable authority in curing sickness by burning and connected the system to upwards of 50 unique operations. Al Zahrawi Medical

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